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Compare and Contrast - PC and Mac

            With the ease of use that comes with a Mac, why would you ever consider a PC? The PC has crazy power and capability behind so why think twice before buying one? Ever since the early 1980s there has been an eternal war between the PC and the Mac. The purpose of this essay is to compare and contrast the Mac and the PC. Although they have the same job of being a reliable computer, they are both very divergent. Despite bearing some minor similarities, the differences between the PC and the Mac are clear. .
             Both the PC and the Mac have upsides. There are certain downsides to each one, but luckily they each have great operating systems. Windows 7 was a breakthrough in the PC operating systems arena. After Windows Vista being a huge flop, Microsoft fans were overjoyed to finally have a sleek, reliable operating system. Windows 7 is made to start programs faster, easily find documents and files, create a home network of PCs to share and collaborate, and it utilizes the full power of your PC. The Apple community was ecstatic when OS X Mavericks was brought to the public. Like Windows 7, it was a big step up from the previous OS. Mavericks exponentially improves the Mac experience with the new apps and features it brings to the user. New apps like iBooks, Maps, Multiple Displays, Tags, etc. are a big reason why Mavericks was a success. Mavericks also heavily focused on power efficiency; Apple used technologies like timer coalescing and app nap to improve that. .
             Another pro of the PC and Mac is the availability that Microsoft and Apple make them to their customers. Apple has 424 retail locations in sixteen countries, and Microsoft has almost 100 retail locations. Also, Apple and Microsoft both have easy-to-use websites where you can effortlessly order any of their merchandise. If for some reason you don't have access to a retail store or don't want to wait for your order to ship, you can head to a local department store.

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