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Compare And Contrast: PC's Vs. Mac's

             These days when you go to the store to buy a computer there are two kinds of computers that are being sold. One type is the PC which stand for personal computer. The other type is the Macintosh or Apple computer. People may look at the names and think; I need a PC and not a MAC, because I will be using the computer for personal home use. The truth is that both of them could be used for personal, commercial, or corporate use. This all depends on what the person would use it for. PC's and Mac's are pretty much the same. The Major differences are seen in the Graphics, Software, and Scalability.
             Both the PC and the Mac can produce pretty much the same graphics. The question is which one can do it faster. The Macintosh can do any graphic rendering or processing better than the PC. The weird thing is that most people get PC's and do graphic rendering. The fact that the Macintosh computer usually has more processors, more memory, and a better graphic card make it the better Graphics processor. .
             There is way more software that is made for the PC than there Is for the Macintosh. If a person wanted a certain piece of software and they went to the store to buy it chances are that they probably have it for PC and not for Macintosh. This is mainly due to the fact that most people buy PC's over Mac's. If there is software that is made for both the PC and the Macintosh, usually the Macintosh software will have fewer bugs than the PC software.
             In the scalability category the PC takes the trophy. A PC is much easier to upgrade the hardware in than a MAC. The Macintosh may be more powerful, but if you have a PC and want to upgrade it, the process is much easier. The PC is easier to upgrade because the hardware is not proprietary or integrated. The Macintosh isn't very upgradeable, because all of the parts coexist with each other and connected together.
             That's the three main differences between the PC and the Macintosh.

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