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Who's Better?

             Macs and PCs have similar capabilities, but there are certain natural benefits of one platform over the other. Apple introduced the Operating System called Mac OS X, one of the most secure and stable operating systems ever made. They have programmed a powerful graphic system and software architecture that turned Mac into a multimedia marvel. On the other hand, there is the Operating System XP (Windows XP) for windows. This is the latest and most commercial operating system for PCs around the world. How are they different? How are they related? Well, the best thing to do is compare both possibilities focusing on security, stability, and compatibility. Is it true, Macs are easier than PCs? .
             PC users have experienced the poor stability that comes from Windows. For example, if you move the wrong file or folder, the entire computer can quit working. As a result, many users have to restart their computer at least once a day. This is not so with Macs. The OS X is so smart that it separates most programs from each other by moving a program file/folder anywhere on the hard drive, and it won't be destroyed. What this means is that if one program quits, the rest of the computer keeps working. In fact, you can use a feature of Mac called Force Quit that will immediately close the program without affecting any other programs. .
             Windows is notorious for viruses and security problems. This is a menace to all Windows users, because a virus can wipe out the user's hard drive (where all of your files are stored), and security holes can allow crackers (often referred to as hackers) to control and sabotage your computer. In windows XP, the encryption file system does not protect and store files on the hard drive. This can allow users to share and open every single file in the computer without restrictions. The Mac OS X does not have this problem because it is built on Unix, an extremely secure operating system.

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