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Apple and the Mac That Sold the World

            The highly memorable and successful commercials of Apple Corp. we all know are the "Get a Mac" advertisements, but the commercial that started the campaign titled "Better" does a lot without saying a lot. Just like the title, the general statement that this ad tries to make is Mac is just better than PC. There are many tactics the "Better" ad uses, but the 2 main tactics used are simplicity and controversy. The advertisement uses simplicity and controversy by making the blanket statement "Mac is better at life stuff" but gives no detail how or why. This starts a debate between PC users and Mac users and that debate then creates a competition that generates recognition and recognition is necessary for expanding and selling more products.
             The commercial begins with 2 men standing in a blank, white room and from here we can see what Apple is visually trying to do. The PC character is wearing a brown business suit and large eyeglasses while the Mac character is wearing blue jeans and a blue hoodie. They open with the famous line "Hello I'm a Mac, and I'm a PC" and start talking about their similarities and gradually escalate to talking about their differences. It seems like playful banter at first but the further the ad runs it becomes more competitive. The Mac tells the PC that he is amazing with spreadsheets but then comments "PC knows I am better with life stuff like music, pictures, movies, you know stuff like that" and the feud begins. The PC asks the Mac to explain what he means by "better" and the Mac states "Making a Website and Photo Book is easy for me and for you, it's not". The PC character then looks disappointed and the commercial ends on a picture of an actual Mac computer with the Apple Logo on the screen next to the brand name "Mac".
             Now we know that since it's a commercial about computers it's targeted to someone who needs or wants a computer but let's go a bit deeper.

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