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PC Vs Mac

            When you"re trying to pick out a new computer to buy, you are faced with many tough decisions. There are many different types of personal computers but they are all basically the same. On the other hand the there is the MAC where you do not have as many options but it very different from the personal computer.
             It is important that you know the history of the personal computer or PC, so that it may help you make the decision on what computer to purchase. Contrary to what you might think the history of the PC does not begin with Microsoft, IBM, or any of the other name brands that you might be used to. The first PCs to be sold on the market was the MITS Altair 8800 in 1975. That PC ran on a very slow processor known as the Intel 8080. This PC was pretty much useless until Bill Gates and Paul Allen wrote a somewhat useful BASIC compiler which was also when the enormous corporation known as Microsoft was formed. In 1976 the first word processing program was written which made it possible to type on the PC for the first time. That was also the year that the 5.25" floppy drive was released which was great invention in the PC timeline. In 1977 Digital Research produced the first 8-bit operating system which helped make it possible for a MS-DOS to be released. That was also the year that the worlds first computer store opened. In 1978 the PC world began to really open up when software was starting to be released for the PC. The first software released was a spreadsheet program which made it possible to be used a business tool instead of just something to type and play videogames .
             Justin Pryor Page 2.
             on. Although it was also the year Atari made their name known world wide in the video .
             game industry. This was a very productive year for the PC because Epson also created the first dot matrix printer. A new type of software was introduced to the market in 1979 and it was known as the database. This was also the year that the PC was established as a telecommunications tool as the world's first modems began to be put to use.

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