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             In the medical field there are many types of specialists like.
             Doctors and Licensed Practical Nurses. There are different assigned.
             tasks that vary from Registered Nurses (R.N.) and from a Certified .
             Nurses Aide (C.N.A.). The Registered Nurse assist with medication and .
             a C.N.A. does more personal care.
             A Certified Nurses Aide, also known as a C.N.A., will perform routine .
             tasks under the supervision of a Licensed Practical Nurse (L.P.N.) or a .
             Registered Nurse (R.N.). A C.N.A.'s duties can consist of answering the .
             residents" call bells, servicing their beds, assist with personal hygiene, feeding, .
             simple charting, taking temperatures (either orally or rectally), taking blood .
             pressure, respirations, weighing and pulse. The last four listed is also known .
             as vital signs. The C.N.A.'s are physically in contact with the residents more than.
             any of the higher nursing staff. They are the "eyes and ears" for the higher.
             nursing staff. If the C.N.A. observes any changes, they would need to report.
             it to the charge nurse. The charge nurse may be the L.P.N. , R.N. or a .
             Nursing supervisor.
             Registered nurses (RNs), like C.N.A."s work to promote health,.
             prevent disease, and help residents cope with illness. On the other hand, .
             RN's are advocates and health educators for residents, families, and communities. .
             RN's also develop and manage nursing care plans, instruct residents and .
             their families in proper care and help individuals and groups take steps .
             to improve or maintain their health. RN's also administer medications.
             The educational difference is that a Certified Nurses Aide training .
             program will last approximately six weeks, and it doesn't require them to have.
             much training. However, a Registered Nurses program may take anywhere from.
             two to four years to complete. As a Registered Nurse the salary is much higher .
             than that of a C.N.A.
             A Registered Nurse and a C.N.A have many different levels of responsibilities and.

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