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Changes to benefit students

             X College could make some changes that would be beneficial to students. Some of the changes are lowering the price of the units, adding more classes, and hiring more tutors.
             One change that could be made to benefit students is to lower the price of the units. The units are too expensive for some students, and that is the reason why the do not enroll in many of the classes offered in the college. For example, if students that do not have much money come to X College to enroll in some classes, they are not going to enroll in all of the classes they want to because for them the units are expensive. On the other hand, if the units have a lower price, and these students come to X College to enroll, they are going to be able to enroll in all the classes they want to because they have enough money to pay for the units. Moreover, in this way, these students would tell their friends to enroll in X College because their unit price is lower than other colleges. This not only would be beneficial to the students but also to college because it would have more students.
             Another beneficial change to students would be to add more classes. Adding more classes benefits some students by helping them to graduate faster. For instance, in X College, there are some classes that are offered in the spring semestre but not in the fall semester, and other classes that are offered in the fall semester but not in the spring semester. This affects some students by not letting them gradute in the semester that they wanted to. If there is a speech class that is only offered in the spring semester, and a student needs to take it to graduate byt he wanted to graduate in the fall semester, that student is going to have to wait until the spring semester to graduate because he has to take that speech class.
             Not only are lowering the unit price and adding more classes beneficial changes to students but also hiring more tutors.

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