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            The Student Government Association is the most effective group on the campus of Lakeland College. It is with these members that things can actually change around the campus and although it may be difficult at times the members of this association wanted to be a part of it. These challenges can certainly be applied to the words of Woodrow Wilson when he said, "If you want to make enemies, try to change something." Whether it is trying to change how teaching in the school is done or the accessibility of the college they will always face opposition and they do so willingly. It is with these attributes that the Student Government Association is in fact the most important of all organizations within the confines of Lakeland.
             Joining the Student Government Association is actually more difficult than many other groups or clubs on campus. You must first apply for the association by grabbing an application in the Student Life Office; from there you must return it and then wait for the next election. With each election students are the sole voters. They will choose eight freshman and nine sophomores; the freshman being elected in the fall semester of when they will serve and the sophomores are elected in the spring semester preceding their term of service the following year.
             Once elected these new members will be viewed as responsible individuals who now have the authority to propel topics for discussion with hopes they could make a difference. In short, the entire purpose of the Student Government Association is to represent students in matters of student welfare and activities, college planning and administration and student opinion. With this new responsibility placed upon them the members of the SGA will now be the official student voice for all matters that are appropriate for student government, meaning that if any student at Lakeland was to propose something new or a better way of doing something either Chris Hood (President) or Heather West (Vice president) would most likely be taking the appropriate action to stress the concerns of that student.

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