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No Title

             In the visual text "The Penitent Magdalen", a pale woman sits flawlessly immobile with her long aburn hair hanging down her back. She is looking away with only the back of her head showing, and her countenance turned staring at the onyx obscurity that surrounds a small mirror; a candel aflame in a brass holder in front of it. The young woman's attire consists of a cream blouse that hangs lifelessly off of her shoulders that is tucked in slackly to a lengthy crimson skirt that hides her feet, Her fingers are woven tightly together and rest a top of a human skull that sits still in her lap. The woman seems very cheerless; as if she has noone. I deem this depiction portrays the fixation of solitude. It seems as though she has given up on the quest for her solace, and that she is bound to be alone eternally. The skull she embraces may perhaps indicate the one she loved; and unfortunately, lost. The woman sitting unaccompanied in the darkness aids in the oppressing frame of mind of the portrait, and helps to reveal the true feelings of sorrow that are the outcome of being alone.
             In the image "The Creation of Adam", many random nude bodies surround two in particular that catch an onlookers eye. One man is surrounded by other creatures that look to be unimportant in the picture, because the built man is reaching out for another male's hand. The gentleman on the separate side of the stretched arm gives the impression of being distressed and perhaps a bit fearful.They both seem to be trying their finest to stay mutually, but are failing for a concealed explanation that a reader can't distinguish. I assume the portrait is one of biblical reference due to the title; yet it seems as if they are doing all they can to avoid being alone. That of which great fear accompanies in the majority of every state with no reservation.
             Both portrayals depict a status of apprehension that accompany being by oneself.

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