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Benefits of Homeschooling

            Education is one of the most important aspect in a person's life. Homeschooling is a simple home classroom situation in which students are often taught by their parents. But why do parents choose to teach their children at home? Homeschooling is the most effective alternative to regular schooling due to the benefits from the community, benefits to the childs academic building, and strengthening religious and family values.
             For many years, the public schools raised the issue of socialization and asked how can homeschooled children be learning to deal with the real world if they are being isolated at home? Learning how to interact with members of the opposite sex is a process that people can learn only from peers. Public schooling is inclusive and leads to a healthy, sensible, well-adjusted student because by children interacting with other peers, they are also gaining knowledge. Whereas in homeschooling, children will grow to be too dependent on the parent and not know how to deal with the real world. Moreover, they will be sheltered and have trouble interacting with people of different backgrounds, will become lonely or not have any friends, and be socially stigmatized. The child will not be able to interact when trading stories about school once they have grown, or learn how to fail or succeed in front of other people. When raised properly, most children will grow up fairly friendly, cooperative and sociable, so putting children in homeschooling for the purpose of socialization is unnecessary. If children are kept out of public schools, they will lack the necessary interaction with peers in order to develop socially. In addition, it is important and healthy to be around people who think differently and have different views. Homeschools lack the necessary resources to socialize and prepare students for life in today's world. .
             Homeschooling is beneficial due to the learning of basic life skills and avoiding unhealthy socialization.

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