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The Home-Schooling Issue

            Now a days many parents are considering home schooling their children. There are more and more young people being educated at home today. This trend comes from parental concerns about violence, peer pressure, teacher/student ratio, and the fear that children are not learning by poor teaching. Home school is a viable alternative for parents seeking adequate education and a safe environment for children. (NHEN, 1999).
             It is much like the ongoing debate regarding government run healthcare versus private insurance, there are benefits to each of these educational choices.   Some accused that government run insurance of offering one size fits all coverage with participants often having to wait for important procedures and more impersonal relationship with doctors. Whereas private health insurance allows the insured to choose their doctors and tailor their healthcare to their personal needs.  Similarly, opponents of public education fear that their child will be shuffled into a classroom and given a "cookie cutter " education that does not take into account the child's unique learning styles and individual needs.
             Since I have a child at the age of 12, I am very interested in the idea of homeschooling, but I really want to know the opinion of what other parents think about homeschooling, so I randomly conducted a survey on 21 adults (Please see survey attachment at the end). Although the sample is quite small, here are the summaries of statistic of my research. This research can help me in my decision making process whether to home school my child or not. .
             Income Level Consideration.
             Some claim that homeschooling rates are also tied to income. The survey showed that 67% (14 out of 21) of families with an income of $80000-$90000 will likely home school their children. While researching income and homeschooling, I stumbled across a USA Today article, "More Higher-Income Families Are Home Schooling Their Children, " (USA Today, 2009).

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