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Home Schooling and Public School Education

            The government estimates that about 2.5 million students nationwide are home schooled. The numbers have quadrupled since the late 1990s sparking an ever prevalent issue on the subject of homeschooling. Homeschooling refers to the idea of educating children at home instead of sending them to public or private schools. The main reasons why parents choose to homeschool their children are to provide religious and moral instruction. While it may seem like a good idea to some to project their ways of thinking on to their children though homeschooling it is detrimental for any youth to be taught one way of thinking. In addition many of these homeschool students suffer from lack of social skills and lack of acceptance of the diverse ways in life that as a democracy we all live with. In this article by Marcia Clemmit effectively shows the negative impact of homeschooling with great attention to detail. Showing how the homeschool environment is loosely regulated by the government, how youths are being taught by their parents acting as teachers and that students loose the social aspects that public schools offer. .
             One problem according to the article is the loose regulation that government has over the public school system. It states that in most states within the United States, have little to no regulations on how the children are taught quiet often this will lead to parents picking and choosing what they allow their children to read according to the parents religious or political views. Although some research shows that homeschool students perform better on standardized tests than students enrolled in public schools, these figures are invalid. According to the article the standardized test were only given to students who volunteered to take them it did not represent the homeschool community as a whole as does the standardized test given to public school students. This is the primary research that has kept homeschoolers from being regulated by the government.

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