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Home Schooling

             Throughout the past years, there has been a rapid growth of .
             home-schooling vary from state to state.
             home-schoolers can enjoy the freedom of education without any .
             government regulation. Other states, however; may mandate annual .
             testing, teacher certification, etc. (Home School Legal Defense .
             Association). This is a major controversy that first showed .
             up in 1997, when 13-year-old Rebecca Sealfon won the National .
             Spelling Bee, showing the startled public that her unorthodox .
             education must be doing something right. "Today, though home .
             schooling accounts for only 3 or 4 percent of America's school .
             children, the movement's fifteen percent annual growth rate has .
             become a powerful, hard to ignore indictment of the nation's .
             academically underachieving, morally irresolute, disorderly, and .
             often scary public schools" (Kennedy 69). Side by side with .
             public educators lackluster results, the richness of home .
             schooling's achievements embodies a practical ideal of .
             childhood and education. Home-schooling allows students to learn .
             challenging subjects, it forms strong characteristics in the .
             children, and it reinforces a nurturing family life. .
             Home-schooling allows children to excel academically, focus on a .
             specific subject of choice, and become social butterflies in a .
             safe environment, all while reinforcing the family bond. .
             First, we will look at the academic aspect of home-schooled .
             children. Though existing data is incomplete, everything that is .
             documented about home-schooled kids says that they are .
             flourishing academically in every way possible. "This year, .
             home-schooled kids swept the top three places on the National .
             Spelling Bee, and Stanford accepted twenty-seven percent of its .
             home-schooled applicants, nearly twice its average acceptance .
             rate" (Lubienski 207). It comes as no surprise that the public .
             school establishment wants to regulate home schooling out of .
             existence because they are threatened.

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