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Home Schooling in America

             In recent years many parents have taken their children out of public schools and put them into home schooling. Parents have done this because they want a better one-on-one education for their children. Parents can also have a larger influence in their child's life by being the child's teacher at home. Parents can teach their children values and life skills essential to becoming successful in the "real world." Home schooling gives a greater advantage to the student mainly because of the students ability to focus on their weaknesses and excel in their strengths due to the one-on-one relationship with the teacher. .
             Home schooling has many advantages over public or private schooling. One of these advantages is having a personal teacher who knows the student well. Having one teacher for the duration of a students home schooling can create a student-teacher bond unlike any other. The teacher knows the student well and can focus more time on what is challenging to the student. The teacher can spend less time on subjects in which the student exceeds. Therefore, no time is wasted. Without any wasted time the student can finish his or her studies at a faster pace and with more satisfying results than a student in a public or private school. .
             A second advantage to home schooling is the size of the class. In private or public schools class sizes can range anywhere from thirteen students to thirty students. Often, a large amount of the students do not want to learn. These students create disruptions in class and slow the learning process of others in the class. Teachers can become sidetracked by disruptive students and before they are aware of being sidetracked, one whole class period has been wasted. Home schooled students do not have to deal with this because they do not have to worry about a class size or disruptions. They can focus on what they need to do and get it done. The only disruptions possible during home schooling would be a phone call or maybe a delivery.

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