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Home Schooling Vs. Public Schools

             Parents should home school their children. If the parents are able and have the opportunity to be home schooling their children they should take advantage of the many benefits of home schooling. "As parents, its up to them to make the right choices for their children and consequently teach them how to make the right decisions for themselves later in life. There are many varying reasons that students and their parents choose home education to work toward their high school diploma." (Heritage, 1).
             By home schooling children, parents are able to take advantage of the opportunities of a flexible schedule. When children are home schooled parents can plan special field trip geared to help with the things they are teaching their children and can also use daily and weekly tasks to teach everyday education to children such as trips to the grocery store or preparing meals can collate with a math lesson and also help to make the task a fun learning environment. Also when things come up in different family situation such as marriages, deaths in the family, or anything that doesn't normally happen, the "school day" can be transported to any location where if the child was in a public school the child would have to miss out of class time and activities. Also a family could plan family trips or vacations to include an educational value along with fun family time. The parents have a lot that can be utilized with home schooling a child that the child would not be able to experience in a public school setting. Parents can plan special trips to follow up on many different areas that you have been studying, where there are many things have to be taken care of before a public classroom can take a field trip and take a lot of preplanning and extra funds to be able to take advantage of this educational resource, where if parents who were home schooling could make changes in their schedules to benefit from new places and exhibits that follow up on the educational activities they have been working on.

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