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Home schooling versus Public schools

            In today's modern era, where violence is a significant part of our lives, and when learning has become a top priority, parents are beginning to wonder about the education their children are receiving at the public school. They are wondering if schools are providing the sufficient education that children now need to fit into today's society. .
             The school system is a marvellous structure, as it has been carefully built, planned, and carried out. Classes, curriculum and materials are planned with utter care and precision year after year; education has come a long way since the time when the universe was thought of to be earth-centred and when punishments included strapping sessions. There are many organizational flaws and errors, however, and parents are constantly and perhaps secretively complaining .
             But now, in a complex and opportunistic era, many parents are finding out about a new way of educating their children. This is a way that is safe, comfortable, and requires no lunch packing every day. In fact, it doesn't require children to go to school at all! They call this "home schooling." .
             There are many great benefits to home schooling. Choices in study topics are definitely open, as is the time spent in each subject. This results in interested students for a change, and they may study the topic for however long they please. Work paces are also open, as opposed to the pace of a class's, where students may be held back or pushed on in consideration to the rest of the class. Children's main influences are their own parents until age 8. That is when peers and outside issues come in. In a safe home environment, this is highly unlikely. Drugs, swearing, porn, and smoking are all improbable at home. Where violence, either involvement or witnessing, may occur at school, there is none for the home schooler. There is also no chance of bullying, or teasing, either being the bully or victim. .
             The student will definitely feel more at ease at home, and there is no fear of being laughed at or teased by other students when asking a question.

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