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Integrating Tecnology

            With the rapidly changing population demographics of the United States and the substantial growth of diverse multicultural groups, teaching professionals are being challenged as to how to provide quality comprehensive educational and support services to their increasingly diverse student population. The growth rates between 1980 and 1990 range from approximately 13 percent for African Americans to 108 percent for Asian Americans (Sue, 1991). It is estimated that by the turn of the century, approximately 30 percent of the United States population will be from a racial/ethnic minority group (Office of Ethnic Minority Affairs, 1995).
             The ever-increasing diversity within the schools is also recognizable by the elevated visibility of other groups of diverse learners, including, but not limited to, students with disabilities, students who demonstrate limited English proficiency, children and families identified with the deaf culture, and gay and lesbian youth. Schools are now beginning to introduce programs and activities to recognize achievements of various ethnic groups realizing that a multicultural education helps to prepare students for life in an ethnically diverse society and as well can bring about cognitive and affective benefits to students.
             In general, the introduction of multicultural activities has been motivated by at least four intentions: (1) to remedy ethnocentrism in the traditional curriculum; (2) to build understanding among racial and cultural groups foster appreciation of different cultures; (3) to defuse group tensions and conflicts; and (4) make the curricula relevant to the experiences, cultural traditions, and historical contributions of the nation's diverse population.
             In recent years multicultural education and technology have emerged as key issues in teaching and teacher education.

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