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Integrating CAS in Post-Secondary Education

            We propose a discussion on preliminary results of a literature review pilot study regarding the use of CAS in post-secondary education. Several issues surrounding technology integration emerged from our review, and these are described in detail within the paper. The brief report on the type of analysis and the integration scope in curriculum suggest that the multi-dimensional theoretical framework proposed by Lagrange et al. (2003) needs to be adapted for our focus on systemic technology integration in post-secondary education.
             Keywords: CAS, university education, literature review, technology implementation issues.
             A growing number of international studies have shown that Computer Algebra Systems (CAS-based) instruction has the potential to positively affect the teaching and learning of mathematics at various levels of the education system, even though this has not been widely realized in schools and institutions (Artigue, 2002; Lavicza, 2006; Pierce & Stacey, 2004). In contrast to the large body of research focusing on technology usage that exists at the secondary school level, there is a definite lack of parallel research at the tertiary level. However, Lavicza (2008) highlights that university mathematicians use technology at least as much as school teachers and that there are various innovative practices that should be researched and documented. Further, Lavicza (2008) found that there are only a few papers that deal with mathematicians and university-level, technology-assisted teaching. In addition, most of these papers are concerned with innovative teaching practices, whereas few deal with educational research on teaching with technology. These finding coincide with school-focused technology studies conducted by Lagrange et al. (2003) and Laborde (2008).
             Following recommendations made by Lavicza (2008), we decided to implement our study based on a systematic review of existing literature regarding CAS use at the tertiary level.

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