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The Pros and Cons of Homeschooling

            Nowadays, the number of homeschooled children is increasing all over the world. Parents choose to educate their kids at home in order to ensure their success. This is an important issue because due to globalization and internet power, parents are more interested in teaching their children at home. Some people argue that homeschooling is the perfect and sufficient way to teach children. However, it is my contention that it is better for them to go to school. Proponents of homeschooling say that it is easier to manage time because children can be taught at any convenient time for the family. However, teaching a kid at home needs preparation. The more children you have, the more lessons you have to prepare. Not only should you do the chores, but you should also do some research for your children's lessons. In addition to that, it would be difficult for working parents and single parents to have time to teach their kids. As they spend most of their days at the office, they would have to teach their children early in the morning or once they get back home in the evening. Homeschooling needs a lot of time which is by no means easy to manage.
             Those in favor of homeschooling argue that home is better place to educate children. In fact, they claim that school environment is unsafe. However, under no circumstances should we seclude children from the outside world because psychologists say that it is important for kids' health and development to be socialized with other children. Moreover, the more a child stays home, the less interaction he has with other children. There will be time when he has to socialize with people, and there will be an important lack of social skills. Therefore, homeschooled kids are not allowed to discover by themselves what the good and the bad things are, because they only have to trust what their parents tell them. As a result, they may be very reliant on their parents.

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