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charter schools

             When American's think of education, they usually think of public education. However, through the years this has slowly been changing. Many parents' today are deciding to home school their children. As the article states, the number of children being home schooled has increased in recent years. Parents should have different educational options to choose from, both wihin and outside of the public school system. Whichever option will provide their child with the education sought. One of these options is the home charter schools. With this option, students are supported by CAVA and learn from online programs. Arguments against home schooling are that parents dont a degree to teach, that children are poorly educated, and children dont live in a large enough social environment. While arguments in support of homeschooling state that good educational values are taught and in reality childrens have higher achievements than their peers. Although most people think that public education is better, it seems that home schooling staistically has proven to be better. .
             The main argument opposing home schooling is that parents do not have the knowledge or training required educator. Therefore, the argument continues, homeschooled students will be poorly educated in comparison to other students. But parents are not alone, there are many sources available to help them. In particular, the charter schools house many of these sources in their facilities. Although these advantages are not available in every state, parents who choose to take education into their own hands, can use these sources that are available to them and provide their child with a superior education, regardless of their own educational background. Several studies have been conducted to try and determine the quality of education received by homeschooled studets and these studies have shown that home schooled students are making close to the same or higher achievements than their peers.

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