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Charter Schools

             Every student should experience learning successes,.
             become literate, confident and caring, be able to think critically, solve problems, and .
             communicate effectively. Students will become productive respectful members of the .
             community. .
             My school is being created to maintain an environment that allows students the .
             opportunity to succeed and excel in all areas of life. .
             Port Richmond Charter (PRC) will be located on the 2800 block of Richmond .
             Street. I believe this would be an ideal location for various reasons. This location has .
             easy access to and from I-95. There is an abandoned warehouse that stands there at the .
             present time. My plans include demolishing the warehouse and building the school from .
             the ground up.
             The construction of the school will start in the basement. The basement is going .
             to be the most complicated portion of the project. The intention is that the basement will .
             include the principal characteristics of the school, the cafeteria, the gymnasium and .
             ultimately a theater. The cafeteria will be equipped with an industrial kitchen so that all .
             food will be served hot, fresh and extremely nutritious. There will be drama .
             classes given to all students who are interested, explaining the need for the theater. .
             Sometimes the children will write their own plays; other times they will perform more .
             traditional ones. The theatre will also be used for dance lessons, such as ballet. The .
             majority will be ballet, but students at PRC will also have the opportunity to take music .
             instrument lessons in the theatre as well. The gymnasium will be the most elaborate .
             segment of the project. It will obtain a basketball/volleyball court, all equipment needed .
             for gymnastics, also an indoor field that will be used for field hockey and soccer. .
             The expected ages for this school is the pre-teen ages (12-15). It is my belief .
             that we are compelled to not only educate their minds but we must do our best to keep .

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