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Online School - It Really Works!

            In modern society, one of the toughest decisions parents face will be their children's education. Many parents have assumed in current times that there is only one method of education, and that is public schooling. Most think of this as their only option because that is the customary path of education. Looking back in history, the current method of schooling has only been around a hundred years since many students went to a schoolhouse. Then before schoolhouses, children were educated in their homes by their parents or a nanny. Even I was led to believe that public schools are the only way for my son because of his learning needs. After a few years of failed programs and moving from school to school, I started a research on other options. I found there were many options available, such as public, charter, private, and home school also known as online public school. My son went through the public school system for many years, and we even tried the charter schools. I started to wonder about the online public school programs. I found that these schools offered many of the same things that a public school does such as benefits, socializations, and special education and special interest programs. .
             Within our society, parents routinely send children off to a brick and mortar school. People argue there are no reasonable benefits to homeschooling programs, or that homeschooling is an unregulated education. Online programs are newer schooling options; most have been around for a little more than a decade. They are in their early stages compare to other schooling options, but these schools nearly have two million students enrolled in these online public homeschooling programs; year after year, surprisingly, their number have gone up with the increase of new students an average of 18% each year. This last year, my son was one of those new students to switch to online public school. These programs may not be as popular as other education options, but there were more benefits to these programs than disadvantages.

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