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Legalizing Undocumented Students

            In "Underground Undergrads" by UCLA students, they tell their own stories about how difficult and toughness undocumented immigrant student's lives have been. Their parents have brought and raised them in the USA since they were child. They have lived here their whole lives, being American at heart. Even so, because of their status, it has affected their lives negatively. They claim that they can't get a job, can't go to public school, can't have a driver license even though they work hard, get high scores and follow the rules just like other US students. Therefore, they want to fight to receive equal right in education and legalize their status. I, however, disagree with them and believe that the government shouldn't give them than the same rights with US students. Giving benefits or legalizing illegal immigrants will make the US face three problems in education: changing culture, losing opportunities for students, and encouraging people to break the law. .
             Diversity culture will happen if undocumented student can go to public school. Firstly, these students come from all over the world and they have different languages, cultures, and beliefs. Each student would have a complete educational platform. Like different way to study, different way of interacting with teachers, for example if a foreign student is in the same classroom as US student, the teacher might have to change the curriculum in order for the entire class to understand. It leads to cause the loss of US origin. Not only that but also the US culture maybe effected by the other culture or becoming the part of other culture. Secondly, it will affect other American students because immigrants aren't native speakers so they aren't able to use the language fluently like American students. Therefore, teachers may have to slow down the process or change their teaching plan so other students can follow. Consequently, the American students could not get the best education they should have gotten.

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