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Concepts of Immigration Reform

            Illegal immigration in Texas has been an ongoing issue for the past years with immigration laws still being discussed. To emigrate means to come into a country of which one is not a native for permanent residence. The United States is a nation founded by people who emigrated on the belief of freedom. The movement of the immigrants in the past was for a different purpose which was to attract urbanization and creating cities where there was once nothing. Texas is dealing with high percentages of unemployment and low income due to immigrants being competitive for labor at a lower rate or too many immigrants within a certain area. This creates lower wages for natural born citizens and rising levels of poverty. With immigrants coming in by the thousands every year, Texas is having a hard time dealing with the issues that are brought by immigrants. Immigration reform must be taken by allowing some, but not all immigrants to be allowed to live here if they are to abide and pursuit the actual essence of happiness. Whether the reasons immigrants come to Texas, let alone the U.S., are good or bad, a person still needs a chance to be able to come and try to make a life for their selves in the "land of the free". Aren't our ancestors immigrants? Didn't they escape countries that were hindering them from having a better life? Granted some have bad intentions, like drug cartels, but what about the children wanting a better life than what they've known? The Dream Act actually helped with that. .
             President Obama addressed the DREAM Act at The State of the Union urging lawmakers to approve it. The DREAM Act is legislation drafted by both Republicans and Democrats that would give students who grew up in the United States, but are illegal immigrants themselves, a chance to contribute to our country's well-being by serving in the U.S. armed forces or pursuing a higher education. The DREAM Act was passed in December 2010 by the House of Representatives but in the Senate the DREAM act did not gain enough votes to break the Republican filibuster at 55 of 60 votes (Stolz 16).

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