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Scholastic Cheating in the Digital Age

            With the rapid development of science and technology, the nature of work of human gradually transforms from physical labor to intelligent competition. Human's focus changes from the emphasis on people's noble character, slips to that most people only pay attention to an advanced degree. School education also alters from the "people-centered" to the education that is oriented by "knowledge-centered". In other words, knowledge becomes the primary standard to measure the success or failure of students; and the real practical work are deliberately ignored by people. On this account, cheating becomes an increasingly prominent issue. Cheating is nothing new today. Range from primary school to university, cheating can be found in every period and the ways that students cheat are multifarious. For the sake of good grades, students plagiarize others' works, finding out the answers through smart phone when taking tests, even using high technologies in some significant exams to send the content of tests outside of classroom to and receiving the answers back from someone else. Cheating is not the patents of the students in common schools, but also happens in the top campuses. As Bryce Buchmann has noted that half of a lecture class about 125 students in Harvard were caught cheating. When the most prestigious school can be caught cheating in large numbers, it is safe to assume that cheating happens on every campus much more than we would like to think (par. 1). In order to reduce cheating, figuring out the reasons why more and more students tend to cheat to preserve the integrity of the students is of utmost urgency.
             Good grades are certainly the most direct reason that why students cheat, no matter plagiarizing homework or illegally browsing the answers during tests. Under normal circumstances, students should know how to do the homework or to finish the tests with the guide of teachers in school.

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