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Competitor Analysis Of ITV Digital & Sky Digital

             Statement of Marketing Objectives 4.
             3 Comparative Analysis of the Marketing Objectives 5.
             Statement of Marketing Strategies 6.
             5.1 Sky Digital 6.
             5.2 ITV Digital 6.
             5.3 Comparative Analysis of the Marketing Strategies 7.
             6. Control and Evaluation of the Marketing Activities 11.
             7. Conclusion 11.
             8. Group Dynamics 12.
             9. Appendices 13.
             10. References 29.
             11. Bibliography 31.
             1. Introduction.
             The purpose of this report is to compare and contrast the marketing strategies of ITV Digital and Sky Digital. An internal and external analysis will be carried out to determine the strategic differences between the two companies within the dynamic and volatile digital television sector. The marketing strategies will be identified, described and analysed through a comparative analysis. .
             2. Terms of Reference.
             Secondary information gathered for the completion of this report included business literature but principally contemporary information obtained from journals and electronic sources. Primary research has been undertaken to support the analysis of each company. The collection of promotion materials from various retail outlets along with conversations held with staff aided our assessment of both ITV Digital and Sky Digital. (Appendix 1) Problems encountered in the process of the report included restricted academic findings of the Digital Television sector due to limited current market reports.
             ITV digital have not been forthcoming with the divulgence of corporate information, this has hindered the objectivity of this report. .
             3. Situational Analysis.
             The digital television market has entered the growth stage of the product life cycle (Dibb et al, 2001:258), since being launched in 1998. (BSkyB Annual Report, 2001) Digital television is broadcasted through different means. Sky Digital is received through a mini dish, ITV Digital, who in July 2001 was re-launched from OnDigital (Reynolds, 2001), through a set-top box. These major players cross-broadcast channels and also compete for advertising revenues.

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