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Digital Lightwave

             Telecommunications - Communications Processing Equipment 15 March 2001 .
             Digital Lightwave provides the fiber-optic networking industry - an industry fueled by the dramatic growth in Internet traffic with products and technology that monitor, maintain and facilitate the management of fiber-based high-speed communication networks. The company's products are used to cost-effectively verify service during network installation and maintenance applications and to actively monitor deployed networks to ensure optimal performance.
             Digital Lightwave was founded in 1991 on the premise that high-speed optics would play an increasingly important role in network development, due to light's superior capacity and speed as a communication transport medium. .
             The company offers customers a comprehensive package of high-speed optical network test solutions addressing both U.S. and international standards. The company's products provide diagnostics for the entire spectrum of optical-based network transmission speeds including the industry's highest speed optical rates such as OC-192/STM-64 (10 gigabits/ second). OC-192 is the bandwidth used to route digital communications between large cities such as Toronto, New York City, Philadelphia, Washington, Boston and Atlanta. Digital communications not only encompass the Internet, but also fiber-optic telephone lines, cellular communications, governmental internal communications as well as peer-to-peer communications such as ATM machines.
             Digital Lightwave sells its products to end users through a direct sales/support organization in the U.S. and via international distribution channels in the rest of the world. The company's customers include telecommunications service providers and equipment manufacturers. Current customer giants include Telogy Networks, Alcatel, Cisco Systems, WorldCom, and Qwest.
             Market/Industry Analysis:.
             A growing trend through the last decade has been a shift from valuations and profitability to growth and momentum.

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