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Cheating Proficiently

            Cheating is a very bad idea in all forms, yet it is very important for some people to pass exams. Also, they cannot go any further steps without cheating. In other word, they rely on cheating in terms of passing the exams and they cannot make it through without cheating. There are three important ways to cheat in the exam without getting yourself caught, which are acting normal during the exam, using certain objects for cheating and wisely choosing a spot to sit on. .
             The first approach to cheat is acting normal during the exam. Therefore, be who you are without showing that you are going to be caught, and smile while your instructor hands you the exam paper. Also, show everyone in the room where the exam is that you are a very confidence about this exam. Raise your hand and pretend that you are having a problem understanding a questions.
             Secondly, use objects to cheat where your instructor would never have a second thought of the objects that you are about to use. For example, showing up in the exam with a bottle of water or vitamin water. It is allowed from most of the schools to bring a bottle of water with you in the exam. Everyone knows it is accepted for the students to bring something to drink during the exam instead of going out of the class to have water. Furthermore, no one could ever guess that you are going to cheat using a bottle of water. However the bottle of the vitamin water is a well known drink, and you can use it to cheat in the exam. All you have to do is that taking off the ingredients of the vitamin water and replace it with whatever is needed for the exam. You would have to print off the same form of the sticker that you would take off and replace the ingredients and other words into words that would help you for the exam. Your instructor would not doubt that you are cheating by using a bottle, but you have to be careful while reading from the bottle. The third technique that would help you cheating during the exam is that choosing a spot in the class.

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