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Social Networking - The Pros and Cons

            Social media has consumed our society. 47% of American adults used social networking sites in 2014 like Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter; up from 26% in 2008(quoted from procon.org) the aspects of social media both have a positive and negative impact on life. Social networking sites promote interaction with distant family and friends. Social networking sites can demonstrate opportunities to strengthen existing relationships and to develop new friendships as well. The downfalls of social media sites prevent less face to face communication. Also, social media has been known to be more likely to spread false and even potentially dangerous information. Questions come about quite often about social networking sites, and if they are good for our society. As a member of our society social networking can have a positive or negative influence in school, relationships, promoting business, and self-expression. While others may view social media as a negative influence, for me, the issue hinges on how social networking sites are being used and displayed accordingly.
             Social networking sites have become more popular and users have expanded from teens to young adults, and now are even including individuals over 50 years of age. While social media inherent risks, there are also many potential benefits. When social networking sites are brought up, most people think of all the negative aspects of it, but I believe that their is good in all circumstances. Why do you think social media can hang onto a negative reputation? For some, social media has a negative effect because of the potential harm it may cause. Two-thirds of all teachers believe that social media does more to distract students than to help them academically (quoted from procon.org). Different surveys and studies have been conducted regarding students that use social media while in school are more likely to make their GPA drop more than students who are not involved with social media.

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