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Social Networking and Mental Health

            Through fairly recent years, science has been fortunate enough to explain the hazards of living a life of obesity. This discovery has begun to change the way people maintain their diets. Now, science is beginning to understand the link between social media and the health problems that it creates for its users. According to Akshat Rathi, "Facebook is to the mind what sugar is to the body (1)". And unlike the food we eat, the continuous streaming of Facebook posts and pictures are all too easy to digest. Due to the technological advances of today's world people can be seen at any location you can possibly think of fixated on their latest and greatest smartphones. What are they doing on their phones? Swallowing countless photos and status updates, which are all tempting "sweets" to the mind. People see Facebook as many things: A place to connect with friends and family, post selfies of their daily activities, easily follow favorite stores to see when they have a sale, or simply a means to pass the time. Facebook is a social networking site that makes it easier for people to connect with one another via messaging and sharing photos. Whether someone is across the globe or simply living a few blocks away, the site makes connecting to people easier. And although these simple uses seem harmless enough, science has found some serious consequences for the millions of people who decide to open up their life to this online world. Facebook has the ability to lower your self-esteem, reduce communication skills, cause restlessness and increase fatigue, all while allowing people to invade your privacy. .
             Facebook was founded February 4th, 2004, by Mark Zuckerberg and four other classmates at Harvard University. Since its development the website has accumulated over 1.2 billion members, making it one of the largest single online website experiences to date (2). While several sites prior to Facebook had similar ranges of utility for social networking, like Myspace for instance; Facebook has become one of the most popular websites throughout the world, and is undoubtedly changing how people live their lives.

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