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Social Media Addiction

            Over the years this world has become more and more technologically advanced. From the start of electricity to having our whole day planned out in a click of a button. Social media has become a way of life nowadays. Everything we touch, think about, talk about can now be read or "tweeted" anywhere on the computer or cell phone. Anything we are involved with is now linked to a social network. Many people believe this can be a good thing, but society has shown the many negative consequences it has on our lives. Social networking has become widely used in the young generations today. This has caused children and teenagers to be more vulnerable to peer pressure and have an inadequate capability for self-regulation. Clearly the use of social broadcasting and technology should be restricted and supervised by parents to help decrease the potentially negative outcomes of social media.
             Instagram and Facebook are commonly used social networks that teenagers are constantly in touch with. "You could say that Facebook is doing a far more effective job than religion at teaching us to 'love thy neighbor,' connecting us with random strangers and 'friends' from distant lands" (Adams). Furthermore, Facebook has become widely popular and influential for communication today. Facebook has more than a billion users. Researchers found that an excessive use of social media aspects may cause "Facebook depression" (Sifferlin). The authors explained the misuse of social media is strongly associated with apprehension, several forms of behavioral difficulties and psychological conditions. Many of the disorders encompass: antisocial personality disorder, bipolar disorder, passive aggressiveness, narcissism, paranoia, and histrionic personality disorder. It is incredible how a simple aspect of social media can affect someone so strongly to the point where it becomes medically and mentally concerned.

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