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Research Paper - Concerning Social Media

            In today's society, people have become oblivious to how much social media is being used. Although, Social Media is entertainment for some, many people have conflicts. Social Media is out of hand and not in a positive way. In this century, Social Media is at its highest peak with its updated and modern technology. There are many pros and cons that go along with Social Media. Statistics show that social media is impacting every day life. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Tumblr are the 5 top most used social media internet applications (apps). These apps allow you to post remarks on almost any topic you like. From pictures to statuses, any individual has a right to say what is on his or her mind. Communication with people all over the world in a quick press of a button is included within these apps. The apps are somewhat similar but also vary. Facebook and Twitter are very similar to each other. These apps allow you to post statuses or "tweets", pictures, videos, and articles. Individuals can even add their location to their posts. However, Facebook is more for the adults now, so Twitter is where teens are most likely found. Instagram is an app where originally you would post pictures, but now it allows you to post 10 second long videos also. Individuals can customize there photos, comment, and like other people's pictures. .
             The most recent, top downloaded app is Snapchat. This app allows you to take pictures and send to others, but after 10 seconds the picture is gone forever. Although, there is such thing as a "screenshot. " By pressing the home button and the lock button it allows you to take a screenshot of the picture being sent. These apps are expanding with bigger and better things every year. Statistics show that 72% of adults and 81% of teens are using social media. Surveys indicated teens in 2011 were most likely to be found on Facebook and Twitter. 94% being on Facebook, and 24% of teens on Twitter.

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