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Why We Like Social Media

            I remember the first time I heard of a website called MySpace. I was in middle school and a friend of mine asked if I had an account so he could add me. I went home that day and made a MySpace account and added him. I then had a list of suggested friends, and it happened to be a lot of my classmates from school. That was the beginning to an endless social media lifestyle. Since then, I have found many social media websites on the internet. I have at least three social media accounts but find myself active with only one. In today's society, we all have or know someone who has a Facebook account. Facebook has become one of the most popular websites known to man, and I feel it can be a positive tool in the world that we live in today.
             Communication is the most common reason why people use social media. It gives access to talk to people, make friends, share stories, comment your opinion, etc. Facebook gives you the ability to instant message someone. In order for you to gain access to that you must download the instant messenger application on your smartphone or tablet. It takes seconds for your message to transport to the receiver. So in many cases, it can be just as fast as sending a text message to someone and it can be very useful if you do not have that person's phone number. Recently, Facebook added a new feature that gives you permission to call or face time someone using the instant messenger application. This can be useful to Android users because Android phones do not come with the face time feature. Having the ability to see the person while you talk to them can be beneficial especially if you live far away from each other. Families can grow closer together while being connected through Facebook. .
             Marketing plays a huge role in using social media. It is a good chance that if you own a business then you own a Facebook account. Major businesses use Facebook as a marketing strategy because of the popularity it brings.

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