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The Role of Social Media in Revolution

            The role that media plays like social media such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and so many other websites broadcasting to global news and TV news as well they are spreading their poisons among nations. One contemporary goal of social media has created social activism (Gladwell, 2012) As stated in the article of "Small Changes: Why the Revolution Will Not Be Tweeted." Regarding Mark Pfeifle (2012), "without Twitter the people of Iran would not have felt empowered and confident to stand up for freedom and democracy." The author clarified that Twitter has a magnificent function on the people so that the government should attain what they are looking for. Comparable to the article "Reforming Egypt in 140 Characters?" Which illustrates how social media have influenced Hosni Mubarak to be eliminated from presidential chair. Nonetheless, in this article, the whole truth has been disclosed about the whole corruption which has been made under the umbrella and interacting Egyptian protester through social media such as Twitter, Instagram Facebook, What's App etc. From my candid side about this ordeal; I strongly agree that social media is pivotal to judge who are pretending to be ideal in order to keep their sheet clean on other accounts doing all kinds of prejudice and no one can control them, while all of the concepts about them it's really delusions; in addition to this , the one whose making inequitable things should be terminated and confronted to the entire world . .
             Baron's article(2012) demonstrates how social media influenced the status of Egypt. The author concentrated on the social media at all paths. For instance, in Facebook a group of people have established a page where it is specify to check after Hosni Mubarak by recalling sequence of actions done poorly that made him unqualified and ineligible to sit on the throne. Since 30 years of verdict, Hosni's has been involving in a series of problems including: bribes, corruption and so many other disrespectful issues to his citizens.

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