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The Role Of Television

             There is probably no greater influence on my family than the television. In my home television has becomee arguably one of the greatest inventions of the past century. Televison is now a daily part of my family life. With it, we have witnessed countless historical events: Inaugurations of presidents, man's first steps on the moon, the assignation of John F. Kennedy, even disasters as they happen. My family spends countless hours watching television. Watching television as they wake up, as they eat and before they go to bed. Has television saturated our lives? Has it always resulted toward our betterment or has it possible led to the deecline of famiy life in the United States.
             Since the birth of television, crime has skyrocketed. Many years ago, problems in school were chewing gum and running in the halls. Now, students fear for their lives as our schools have turned into war zones, with school shootings becoming a national problem. Many attribute this problem to the violence children watch on television. Children have become desensitized concerning the value of human life by the many murders and violence viewed on the screen. Television has led to the moral decline in our nation like no other device in history. With the coming of cable and satellite television, my family now have hundreds of channels to watch with very little educational value. My little brother sits for hours in front of the television, and could not imagine missing a favorite show or movie. Television has become a baby sister to a lot of children. Parents depend on the television to keep their kids busy while they are away. As a child, I was left to be watched by the television. Educational or note, it didnt matter as long as I liked the program that I was watching. Television in my household has become the number one appliance that is used. The main purpose on the television in my house is entertainment by far.

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