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            Television-One of the worst inventions of modern times.
             The majority of people feel that television is useful tool to improve knowledge and keep in touch with current events in day-to-day life. Unfortunately, It has proved to be one of the worst inventions of modern times in many ways. Because of the shows it broadcasts, the way it affects the human's family life and children's education dearly.
             Once upon a time, the shows they broadcasted were worth watching, reasonable and appreciative. Due to changes in modern life, the producers changed tactics in making shows to attract the audience. In this process, the shows became cheap in their presentation. The moral values were lagging and producers were not concentrated on making good concept of the sows. In Premise Beach Blind Date, they concentrate about dating. In our own house, situation arises such a way that we feel uneasy to watch some shows with family and friends because of dress sense and the way characters use their vocabulary. It is waste of time to spend for such shows instead we can utilize the same more qualitatively. For example, on 5th WHEEL Show, They show about dating and the contestants introduce themselves, they all say something like, "I'm a very sexual person." or "I love having sex." or "Sex is really fun." which is not appreciable show to watch in house. These shows in particular attract youth and made them to go in wrong direction. The addiction of watching these shows affects them loosing their quality time and thinking power to become successful in life.
             Another main concern is that the television started influencing in human's life. Many people feel that they do not have enough time to spend with their families. In fact, according to a News Week poll, even 73% of teens think that their parents do not spend enough time with them. Television plays a crucial role. In the average American household, the TV is on for seven hours and 40 minutes each day, and 40% of Americans report always or often watching television while eating dinner.

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