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The Corruption of Social Media

            Has social media gone down into a spiral called corruption? The definition of corrupt or corruption is: "debased in character; depraved; perverted; wicked; evil." Most people would agree that social media has brought the ugly side of people. Such has badmouthing fellow classmates, co-workers, family member, basically anyone in your life. A simple post can hurt a victim possibly physically but most definitely emotionally. These kind of actions sometimes come to legal allegations such as false rumors about a victim. The victim can feel threatened and would want to do more than simply comment back as self defense. Maybe bring them to court for a restraining order, or in most occasions students having other students expelled/ suspended. I can personally say, I was a victim of cyber bullying, and didn't take action till the end of year. Having that being said, my, "bully," was suspended for a week and it was a relief off my chest. Now cyber bullying is something very serious that has grown since 2003, the creation of Myspace. But I don't want to bring your complete attention to just cyber bullying there are other areas in social media that are corrupt, such as politics. Expanding the political knowledge to almost anyone from anywhere. Social media can enhance the views of what actually happening in an future event such as the 2016 elections for Presidency. Now a huge target that is used so frequently almog anyone who has an smartphone is Twitter. "A candidates Twitter feed is often a reflection of his or her persona" a quote from, US Secretly Built "Cuban Twitter" to Stir Unrest By Desmond Butler, Jack Guillum and Alberto Arce. This is this completely true, a Twitter page can honestly reflect that kind of person they are by reading what they post or "retweet". .
             "What does it take to get as many followers as Newark Mayor Cory Booker or State Department official Alec Ross? Many politicians struggle as they discover that's not all Twitter is about.

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