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Social Media and Our Changing Government

            There are more people on Facebook right now than there were people in the world 200 years ago. Facebook is one of many social media sites that is used to connect people from all walks of life. Sometimes, these people are seeking more freedoms and use social networking to find others that support their cause. Governments often attempt to control people through the Internet. This can become troublesome. With an ever-growing influence, social media is a tool of the citizens, which has changed the way governments conduct themselves, causing tension between civilians and the government.
             Syria is an example of a government using its power to block social networking sites. It is a country in revolt. The people are trying to get freedom and form a democracy. The leader, Assad, is restrictive and has shown that he will do whatever is necessary to retain power. Over 10,000 people have been confirmed dead in the 13 month uprising. Syria sees frequent protests which are coordinated on social networking sites. Since social networking it an international medium, the news of what is occurring is difficult to keep within the nation of Syria. The government has formed its own kind of Internet army. It is designed to "troll" the Internet spreading pro-government news and viewpoints. On top the controlling of social networking, cell phone service has been periodically off in some of the restive cities and provinces. The government has done these actions to prevent greater opposition. This is not working, however, because it is causing the people to grow angry and find other avenues to communicate. Unites States Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton stated in an interview with NBC "I met with a group of the Syrian National Council opposition, including a young woman .she made it clear communications is a huge problem". The international community has also expressed displeasure in the Syrian government's mishandling of their power.

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