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Mass Media in Jamaica

            Over the years, mass media has had a profound effect on Jamaica's development. Mass media is a form of socialization that provides information, entertainment, and advertisement to the masses. Mass media doesn't only provide information to the Jamaican public, but also plays a significant role in it's development - ways such as economic development, developing the region's identity, and in changing social roles.
             Having a successful economy requires the publicity of mass media because forms of media such as a variety of print and electronic media are used to advertise job opportunities for qualified individuals (Locksley, 2008). Promoting available employment positions aid reinforce economic growth as unemployed citizens have a means to find a job, and a working Jamaican is one who can pay their taxes. As a result, the intake of taxes contributes to an increase of the Gross Domestic Product. .
             Furthermore, promotion of services and products are broadcast through the media. This also contributes to economic development, as more businesses attract more customers, becoming more profitable; allowing business owner to contribute to the national development. Lastly, the marketing of business ventures and investments are commonly formed through mass media, fostering the growth of new businesses and an increase in available employment opportunities. .
             Mass media influences culture and widens an identity for Jamaica in other regions. Life in Jamaica such as our dress, religion, and food are portrayed to the rest of the world. (Gordon 2008). Our unique fashions and foods have been highlighted through mass media, which continuously gives us global business opportunities. Another way in which mass media widens Jamaica's identity and contributes to development is by the Promotion of our music, musical shows, festivals, and sporting events. These are broadcast to attract tourist and to expose Jamaican talents.

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