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Attractiveness and Self-Esteem

            She was sitting in a room quietly trying not to pick up her head, afraid of what she might see if she will. Hiding in a place of her clothing and wishing she was back in her environment with her people who were not that much different from her. Feeling uncomfortable from all the glances people were throwing her way, perhaps trying to figure out what she had done wrong or haven't done when she should've. She knew that she was different. She knew that the moment she moved to this place and from the first time went outside. Her elongated neck, that was stretched by silver and gold bundles had silver coins tied up on a chain at some point all the way around it, was much longer from everyone's else. Big earrings that look much heavier that they really were, seemed like they were pulling down too hard and adding that extra weight on her head. Hair tied up and half of it hidden under a piece of red and blue fabric, made it looked like she was trying to hide herself in it. A long, unshaped dress down to her knees and pants underneath it. Hand that had so much jewelry pieces that every time she was trying to make a move, it would make sonorous noise.
             She noticed the lady who was observing her, was smiling at her. She was unlike everyone else in the room who were just giving glances and judging her. She knew that she would be someone who would be her new friend in this unknown land. She knew that even though she was different there is someone who understands and doesn't judge by the way someone looks. Every culture have its own image on how and why one person should be considered as more attractive and appealing than the other person. Because of that there is different view and conflicts on how beauty should be identified and expressed. What might seem unattractive, weird, unusual or unpleasant to you could be one person's desires. Because beauty comes in different shapes sizes and expressions it is important to know someone's culture to justify his or her attractiveness.

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