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amazing grace

            In the book Amazing Grace, Jonathan Kozol uses his unique ability .
             to express his experiences, to the reader. He arranges the focus of the .
             novel to modify the story. He takes the reader inside the Bronx and .
             shows social injustice. Kozol is able to express the story in such a .
             manner as to enable the reader to imaginatively participate, truly .
             broadening and deepening his sense of the experience. The tools Kozol .
             uses to invoke great emotion from the reader is what makes this book a .
             work of art. He cleverly centers his story around characters for whom .
             most readers would feel the highest emotional involvement for. Kozol's .
             choice of setting is ideal for the story because it is in a city to which he .
             gives no accolades. .
             The Walden book review praises Kozol on his style and .
             storytelling. It compliments his realistic views and gives credit to his .
             gloomy underlying tone to the story. The critic wrote: .
             The thesis may very well hit close to the mark. But Kozol, to .
             his credit, doesn't claim too much or pretend to have all the .
             answers. He presents his evidence and yes, his thoughts .
             without claiming any lock on the truth here. His evidence .
             stronly supports his dim perspective. The South Bronx for .
             example, has an epidemic of severe asthma. He cites .
             statistics showing hospital admissions for asthma at six or .
             more per thousand people in the South Bronx .
             neighborhoods, and 1.8 per thousand statewide in New York. .
             Although residents say they know the asthma epidemic's .
             likely cause is the recently built incinerator nearby, Kozol .
             explains that the assertion is both plausible and difficult to .
             pin down (Walden Web Book reviews). .
             Kozol's greatest tool is his focus on children. He chronicles the .
             inner city youths and their struggles with society. Most of them are .
             sickly and underfed, as a result of parental and governmental neglect. .
             The use of children is powerful because the child is an innocent and .
             pure person. The corruption and evils that overtake these children .

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