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The Effects of Social Media on Teens

            In today's world social media has entered teenager's lives in positive and negative ways. In both situations social media has had an effect on the teens of today. According to Common Sense Media (2012, "Introduction" section, para. 1) Adolescence is a time of life that is both exhilarating and daunting. It can be fraught with excitement and disappointment, self-confidence and insecurity, camaraderie and loneliness. In the teenage years it's about exploration and finding out the person you are. Because of this teens face long term and short term effects from social media, because it is shaping their lives. Their online lives are merging with their real lives and it's getting harder to separate the two as the social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter continue to rise, and control teenage lives.
             Social media has risen in today's society like a whirlwind, everyone seems to be a part of some social media site from adolescence to adults. However, social media seems to have influenced the lives of teenagers the most. According to Common Sense Media (2012, "Introduction" section, para. 2) 90% of all American teens have used social media, three-quarters of them have a social networking site, and nearly one in three teens will visit their social networking sites a few times a day if not more. Teens are so engaged in social media that it is of interest to teachers, and parents alike on what takes place while teens are on these sites. Some teachers are excited about the new technology and learning that social media and technology is bringing to the classroom. Others will look at the negative effects it brings on their teens. Cyberbullying, discrimination, self-confidence and other issues that may arise while using social media sites, they are also concerned of the teens well-being and that it stays intact. This generation of teens is the first group that has gone through all their teen years with social networking sites such as Facebook and twitter, my goal is to get a look at the teens own personal feelings about the sites as well as in depth research on the topic.

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