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Communication and Social Media

            Actual conversation is becoming a thing of the past. Individuals rely on the use of social media to communicate instead of having face-to-face conversations. Social media refers to "the means of interactions among people in which they create, share, and/or exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks" (Social Media Overview). Families text during dinner, students are on their devices during class, and executives text during meetings. People are always on their phone and they do not make an effort to engage with those around them. Social media has become ubiquitous and important for social networking and content sharing. Texting is a major source of communication and it is rare to find someone that is not doing it. The speed and easy access to social media is the reason why individuals will continue to use it as a main source for communication.
             The convenience of texting enables individuals to be connected faster and easier, whether it's sending "I'll see you at 8," or receiving reminders about events. Social media enables a person to communicate to thousands of people with just click. The speed and efficiency in social media is very useful in "spreading the word". Although texting is easy and quick, it does not replace a real conversation that requires individuals to speak face-to-face. Texting does not provide the genuine-ness of a real conversation because there is more time given to respond and edit. This is attractive to individuals because they are able to think of a witty response and to be perceived in a different way. When you speak face-to-face, it is genuine. ".we need to remember - in between texts and e-mails and Facebook posts - to listen to one another, even to the boring bits, because it is often in unedited moments, moments in which we hesitate and stutter and go silent, that we reveal ourselves to one another" (Turkle).

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