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Social Media - Power To The People

             Social networking refers to the act of relating people/organizations through social links and moreover it is an advanced tool for communication and socialization between people (Schneider&Huber;, 2008).Social Media is a topic that is discussed by almost everyone in the recent years. Social Media is used by almost everyone. Most of the people use these sites for social and educational reasons, but many of us also use social networking for professional reasons. In today's social media helps us be in par with people around us by being aware of the happenings around us. The effects of social media depend purely on its usage. If one uses it wisely it is definitely a boon, but sometimes the usage might not be morally correct and serve a s a ground for abuse and criticism. .
             Social Media - Power To The People.
             Social networking sites have brought innovatory changes in communication between people and are a part of our everyday life. Social networking has proved to be beneficial not only for teenagers but people of all ages. Just a few years ago people could not imagine updating their pictures on Facebook but today people don't mind sharing their pictures, views and opinions on such sites. This has helped them to find their long lost friends and stay in touch with near and dear ones. It's a quicker and easier way of keeping in touch and maintaining relationship. Social media is a tool which can be used constructively or destructively thereby influencing the youth in social, educational and professional aspects.
             Undoubtedly, Humans are social animals and they use social networking sites for their social needs which prove to be both advantageous as well as disadvantageous. Social media basically helps in connecting people. It gives a platform to not only stay in touch with your near and dear ones but also share your views and onions on any topic or current happenings in the world. It can be related to sports, politics, science and technology, art and literature etc.

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