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The Power of Social Networking Tools

            In today's society, 58% of the people all over the world use social networking as part of their lives (Social Networking Statistics, 2014). Social networking tools have profoundly changed our lives due to social media, and how we exchange our information globally. Communication was a whole lot different at the beginning of this decade, tools like Twitter, Facebook and Myspace might have been unconceivable for most of us. "Before social media, we were extremely limited to interact with others" (Miller, 2013) but the advanced technology and social media have helped individuals to interrelate with one another freely in the most convenient ways. According to (Beasla, 2013), as technology continues to develop, emails and phone calls are starting to become obsolete.
             The social networking tools give us the opportunity to share our sentiments with a wider audience, but it has also influenced us overwhelmingly. Firstly, one of the most significant changes in the way we communicate is that some of us have lost our social skills due to the dependency of social media. (Miller, 2013) Stated "social networks are becoming more dominant in the ways we communicate." Some individuals are becoming incompetent to carry on a conversation or interacting with people face to face. However the advantage for the statement mentioned above is if you are out of the country, and you want to stay in touch with the people you left behind, you can straightforwardly communicate by using one of the many social networking platforms that can be found on the internet. Secondly, the online environment has no filter on the way we express our opinions and our writing techniques. Now we can liberally get our messages out to thousands of people using social media. For example, Twitter has a character limit of 140 therefore we have to adapt and shift to the focus of whichever we are conveying. This has allowed us to shortened paragraphs; however, it could neglect the correct grammar use.

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