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Reliance on Social Networks

            In less than a decade, social networks have changed the dynamic of interpersonal communication - how we shop, gather our news, and get in touch with others. Many of the billion users of Facebook and million users of Twitter cannot image communicating without these tools. Social networks have become an everyday tool in our lives and have changed every aspect of it - one of the major aspects being relationships and dating. Compared to the "traditional" ways of meeting someone and having to physically interact, nowadays with social networks people can communicate and date each other without moving from their computers. .
             Social networking has formed a comfort zone for people to express their feelings and love without the shame or embarrassment of actually getting rejected in person. The ability to interact and communicate with others face-to-face across all venues and ages is slowing withering away. "Social networks are eliminating elements of intrigue, mystery and is changing the dynamic of getting to knowing someone. Although we are communicating more, we may not necessarily be building honest and truthful relationships as strongly, like with face-to-face interactions" (Suval). .
             Online dating through social networks has become extremely popular within the last decade. With social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, or even online dating websites such as eHarmony and Match, users have access to a vast amount of information on potential romantic interest. Users view each others' profiles as an advertisement, searching for suitable candidates and excluding unsuitable ones. Although social networking has helped with the process of getting to know someone, there have been several issues surfacing regarding the negative role social networks are playing in communication styles. The first issue is the protection of privacy, due to overload of information on social networks.

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