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Palestinian Social Movement

             And all the stages of the disaster.
             On the olive tree in the courtyard of my house.
             In order to understand the origin, development and current status of the contemporary movement for reconciliation within Israel, we must first take a look at the historical impact that Zion colonialism has had upon Israeli Arabs, or the Palestinians. While the terms colonialism and imperialism are familiar, the term Zion colonialism is arguably less familiar. By linking Zionism to these better-known forms of historical domination and subordination, it slowly becomes apparent that the old tactical maneuverings of Western nations arrives in semblance once again. However, this contemporary rendition appears through the auspices of a lesser-known and more discrete manifestation of imperialist dominion- via the guise of democracy.1.
             Many perceive the question of conflict solely as a struggle between Arabs and Jews. While the role of identity is critical in deciphering the adversity present within the conflict, it must be understood that identity politics alone, are unable to satiate the complex nature of the dilemma. First and foremost the reasoning behind Israel's creation must take precedence. After which, the role to which the international community has contributed its hand at solidifying Israeli legitimacy of motive and telos, proceeds. These initial groundings are incumbent to linking Israeli action within the various rational parameters tied to its existence. For instance, one of the rational paradigms that calls for attention is the call to democracy. If such a reality exists, then coinciding with the nature of a democratic state are the accessories of justice and freedom for all. The reality of its existence, however, is that hand-in-hand, the premise for Zionism coupled with legal mandates- scripted but un enforced, such as Resolutions 252 as well as Resolution 278- display Israel's non-compliance to international law and reprobates the ability to fall within the traditional standards of a democratic nation.

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