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Seeds Of Peace

             How they feel about the Palestinian and Israeli conflict.
             The Seeds of Peace program was established in 1993 in Maine, USA. Every summer a group of teenagers from different countries (Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Palestine, Qatar, Morocco, Tunisia, USA) come to the Seeds of Peace International Camp in Otis field, Maine. There the teenagers learn to toss aside their differences and to become friends. The target is to prepare tomorrow's leaders to make a real peace. .
             In Jerusalem today, there exists a tremendous disparity between the quality of infrastructure in Israeli and Palestinian sections of the city. The Seeds of Peace resolve that this situation is a violation of equal rights which inflames the division between the Israeli and Palestinian populations in the city, and that action must be taken by the authorities and institutions of Jerusalem and with preferably the help of the United States and The UN. .
             The Seeds of Peace have decided that they will make their peace over the negotiations table not over the battlefield. They remark "Our leaders have shown us the way, the way of Menachem Begin and Anwar El Sadat and all of those who have sat at the negotiating table since." They feel that Arial Sharon and Yasir Arafat are neither right nor wrong just going about it the wrong way.
             The Seeds of Peace have a definition of terrorism it states as follows "terrorism, defined as violence against innocents with a goal of instilling fear in a general population, and is a formidable challenge to global security." They feel the main causes of terrorism are economic disparity, authoritarian regimes, domination by a foreign power, and the lack of education. They feel extremist from both Israelis and Palestinians are terrorist but do not feel that Yasir Arafat is. .
             The presence of false consciousness is definitely prevalent especially in referring to terrorism. The Seeds of Peace state " The absence of education often leads people to resort to terrorism.

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