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The Seeds Of WW2:

             What set the world on the path to world war two? Above all .
             else, it was the Versailles peace treaty that planted the seeds .
             of world war two! The treaty set in motion an economic tailspin .
             which would take Germany many years to recover from. The treaty .
             was the cause of great resentment among Germans and made their .
             ability to flourish and be part of a post war world impossible. .
             They were isolated, had their pride taken away and were repressed .
             by other European countries. The economic sanctions, reparations .
             and land division led to the worst war the world has ever known! .
             The European allies had taken a hard stance against the .
             Germans after the war. World war one had taken the lives of more .
             than 8 million, over 4.6 million men, woman and children on the .
             side of the allies alone. The countries that had fought lost much .
             more than lives, they also lost millions of homes. Europe's .
             infrastructure was almost completely destroyed. Those countries .
             that had fought in it, had suffered casualties never experienced .
             before. The anger caused by casualties and loss of infrastructure .
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             set the tone for what would be a treaty that would later help .
             Hitler and his party wage world war two.
             President Wilson's strength was not in foreign policy he .
             made a big mistake when he went to Versailles. Although he majored .
             in history, he knew little of European history. Wilson should have .
             sent the secretary of state; Wilson's short sightedness was evident .
             at the treaty. His main concern was his fourteen points of peace and .
             the creation of the League of Nations, which was the predecessor to .
             the United Nations. America was badly needed after the war to guide .
             the rest of the world, however we failed. Wilson gave in to the .
             anger and demands of the Europeans and allowed them to divide .
             amongst themselves the natural recourses of Germany. Wilson knew .
             that the effects of the treaty would cripple Germany, however he .
             allowed it to happen.

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