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The Vietnamese Lunar New Year

            What and when is Lunar New Year in Vietnam? Does everyone celebrate Lunar New Year? Does the celebration fall in the same day every year? Vietnam has many beautiful festivals throughout of year, but one of the most important holidays and joyful is Lunar New Year. It occurs between late January and early February. This is the period, people welcome a new coming year with good health, lucks and success. Therefore, for Vietnamese people, Lunar New Year is a special holiday and is celebrated with family reunion, special activities, and traditional food. Lunar New Year is an occasion for family reunion. Family members return their home town after a year's hard work to enjoy the holiday. They do preparation activities together. On the first day of New Year, Vietnamese people usually gather at their parents' house. They give the greeting wishes to each other which often come from children to their grandparents, children to their parents, sisters to brothers, nephews to uncles, and nieces to aunts. Children are usually excited in this activity after greeting wishes because they can receive lucky money which is put in red envelopes from elders. The warm atmosphere of the reunion that brings to families is an important thing to know about New Year. .
             There are many special activities to prepare for New Year is coming. A week before New Year Day, we clean up and decorate our houses with red and yellow colors. These colors are presented for lucky in Vietnamese belief. We buy a lot of food and groceries to stock in our home because the stores will be closed on New Year holidays. In addition to, we also buy new clothes, and gifts to relatives and friends. We set up the altar with tray of five fruits: coconuts, papayas, custard, mangos, and figs according to flowers to express the respect with our ancestors. One of the important thing is everyone try to pay off their debts since we believe that debts remain from old year to new one is considered bad lucks.

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